Ethically made casual knitwear for pets and humans by GET MATCH IT ™ 

GET MATCH IT ™ is a brand of modern knitwear with considered design for kids, adults and pets. Founded in Kiev, Ukraine by Yana Arystova.
Sustainability, top quality and excellent customer relations are the three most important things for us. We are trying to develop our business eco-friendly. And for this:
1. We produce clothes for determined order. It means that we don't form a warehouse of finished products and, accordingly, there is no overproduction and stale products.
2. For individual orders (not wholesale orders) we use knitting machines with hand operated ("Brother" https://global.brother/en/digest) and for wholesale orders we use industrial knitting machines ("Stoll" https://www.stoll.com/en/machines/). This allows us to optimize usage of technical, energy and human resources.
3. In the process of production, we basically knit every detail at once in an indispensable form. This minimizes waste due to pruning.
4. First step in our knitting process is making a few samples for the selection of technical parameters. These samples we recycle (pull the loops and reuse for next samples).
5. All our knitting machines has a computers and we use a special computer's program for building patterns. So we don't use paper for this.
6. In our production we use hypoallergenic natural fibers such as merino wool, cashmere, yak wool, silk, linen, cotton. And also high quality mix type of natural and blend yarns.
7. We use the wool of Italian factories, which track the supplied raw materials and their production, preference is given to farms that do not use the technology of collecting raw - mulesing. Here you can find more information about wool factories: https://www.tollegno1900.it/sustainability/ .

We sincerely believe that all types of businesses should strive for sustainability and eco-friendly to make customers happy.

GMI-team with love